The Easiest Lunch Ever

The Easiest Lunch EverIngredients:

4 ounces tuna

1 cup green peas

2 cups V8

Dressing: 1 T mayonnaise, 1 T yogurt, 1 T mustard

1 teaspoon Toasted Onion Bits (Penzey product)


Place peas in a salad bowl, flake tuna and place over peas.  Add mustard dressing, and sprinkle with onion bits.  I have this with 2 cups of tomato juice.  If you prefer to have one cup of tomato juice, add 1 cup of salad greens to the tuna/pea dish.  Of course you may choose to have another kind of cooked vegetable. I select the tomato juice to keep the lunch fast and simple.

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