Tuna Salad with abstinent cracker
Tuna Salad
Cracker – this is how I make my cracker because I don’t eat oats
Tuna Salad
  1. Mix and serve tuna salad on 1-1/2 cups salad greens on the cracker or with 8 ounce diced cold potato for potato salad.
  1. Mix everything in a sprayed glass pie pan
  2. Microwave on high for approximately 10-15 minutes
  3. If the cracker is still soft, flip it and microwave for another minute until it is crisp.
Recipe Notes

Mix and serve on 1-1/2 cups salad greens, with 8 ounce diced cold potato or a cracker.
Notes: I do not use pickles with natural flavors. I use deli pickles. Our local market carries Ba-Tampte Garlic Dill pickles which are entirely clean.
Use Duke Mayonnaise which is sugar free, We have checked with Customer Service at Sauer Brothers and have been assured by the representative, who is on our food plan, that this product is safe for us.
Be sure to check the ingredients on mustard. We do not use mustards with natural flavors or wine (in Dijon mustard),