Phone Consultations with Kay Sheppard

What her clients say:

“I made the right decision at the right time to work 1:1 with you. I will follow up with the action plan we started today.”

 “Forever grateful for your wisdom and guidance.  I feel secure in the knowledge that with you I am heard and understood.”  N.H.

“Kay’s phone consultations have been invaluable. They helped me get out of relapse, learn how to get through a crisis without turning to food, and to move past my body image issues. My consultations with Kay have strengthened my recovery and my understanding of food addiction.”

“Kay’s knowledge of food addiction is cutting-edge. I am just grateful that I have access to her expertise! The phone consultations have helped me understand that unless I forgive people, I’ll eat addictively again. She taught me how to do forgiveness work (circle work, affirmations and forgiveness sheets).”

“Kay’s phone consultations are easy to schedule, helpful, and best of all – affordable.”

“Kay helped me to understand and accept the true nature of food addiction and the devastating effects it has on me and on all the people who love me. She helped me break through my denial, my justification, my rationalizing and everything else that comes with this disease.”

“I have so many notes that I’ve taken over the years in a little note book I call ‘Kay’s Words of Wisdom’. Her willingness to openly share her experience from her own long-term recovery is truly inspiring. I want what she has!”

“One of the hallmarks of a food addict is isolation. I really needed that personal touch I get from my phone consultations with Kay.”

“Kay continues to teach me how to love myself and be in recovery. Our phone consults remind me that our food plan is my protection against this disease and that anything I do to manipulate this is a red flag for relapse.” 

“I have learned from my consultations with Kay that there is great hope for me in recovery.”  M.O.

“My phone calls with Kay have helped me figure out all kinds of things that may seem like second nature to a non-addicted person but to this food addict are a complete mystery: how to go grocery shopping, cook yummy recipes for myself and my family, travel abstinently, and how to order in restaurants.”

“I look forward to my weekly phone consultations with Kay – sometimes they’re 30 minutes, sometimes they’re an hour. Kay is a joy to talk to, and more importantly, she’s a “safe place for me to land” because she’s not just a leading expert in the field of food addiction – she is also a food addict with 39 years of back-to-back, abstinent recovery.”   H.C.

Kay’s Phone Consultations have helped food addicts at all stages of addiction and recovery to:

  • Get started in recovery
  • Develop an effective food plan
  • Recover from relapse
  • Strengthen recovery
  • Deal with body image issues
  • Face a crisis abstinently
  • Let go of resentments
  • Acquire tools for emotional and spiritual growth
  • Learn the most up-to-date information about the brain and body chemistry of food addiction

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Telephone consultations are $45 a half hour or $90 for a full hour. Call Kay to arrange a time at 321-727-8040, or e-mail

Note: missed appointments will be billed at the regular $45 rate.

You may pay for your consultation by credit card using PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use your VISA or MasterCard.

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