Online Meeting

Join us for online recovery meeting! The meeting lasts one hour and is held at the following time:

Sunday 8 pm (Eastern Time, USA)

Click here for a time zone map.

How to enter the online meeting (please read this entire page before clicking on the link):

  • Best results for this meeting will come by using a desktop or laptop computer. If you are using a cell phone or tablet, please disable your power saver or sleep mode to prevent being accidentally bumped from the meeting. You should also tap or swipe your screen occasionally to keep the phone/tablet connected to the meeting.
  • Click on this link: Enter Meeting.  That will take you to the login page.
  • Click on Guest, enter your Username (it can be any name you want), and click Login.
  • That’s it! You’re signed into the meeting room.
  • To share in the meeting, go to the bottom of the page and type where it says “Type a message,” then hit Enter on your keyboard.
  • To log out, click on the Logout icon in the lower part of the left column.

PROTOCOL: Once the meeting has started, type ! to share (the meeting leader will call on you). Type GA when you’re done sharing (that’s so we know when you’re finished). GA stands for “go ahead.”