Recovery Food Plan

A Guide to Clean abstinence

Recovery Food Plan by Kay Sheppard LMHC, CEDS

Here is a food plan that is scientifically sound for food addicts. Most important is the fundamental fact that abstinence from addictive chemicals is the basic tool of recovery from all addictions. Food addicts abstain from addictive trigger food and drinks in order to reverse the progression of the disease—which affects our health on all levels, mental, physical, and spiritual. Due to genetic predisposition and unique biochemical response to refined foods, the food addict is powerless to control his or her physiological response to addictive trigger foods. Accurate information is crucial for recovery. Food addicts cannot make good decisions regarding recovery without accurate information. We need to be careful not to treat the problem lightly, thinking it is merely a weight loss problem. Abstinence-based recovery is the foundation of our life-saving process. The recovery food plan, used as written, has been a proven way to achieve physical abstinence for thousands for decades.

The Recovery Food Plan:

  • Eliminates the addictive substances.
  • Balances protein and carbohydrate.
  • Manages volume.
  • Provides good nutrition.
  • Distributes nutrients throughout the day to maintain a level metabolism.
  • Ends cravings and hunger.

Before using this or any other food plan, be sure to check with your doctor for approval.