Conversations with Kay

Seven Conversations to Support your Food Addiction Recovery

A note from Kay:
Finally we have audio offerings for food addicts on the go.  Folks have been asking for them for years.  So here are seven conversations to support your recovery.  They can be used as a meeting between meetings, while you are on the treadmill or to inspire while batch cooking.  It will be just like we are having a visit.  I hope these conversations will ignite more talk among us on the loop and in emails.  Let me know what you have to say!

The Conversations are available as MP3 digital files or as CDs.

5-things-we-do-every-morningConversations with Kay # 1: Five Things we do Every Single Morning to make our recovery stronger

“It works if you work it!” Kay shares five effective ways to start our day on a positive note, putting recovery first and setting the tone for a day of abstinence and recovery.


red-flagsConversations with Kay #2: The Red Flags – How to prevent Relapse

Relapse starts long before picking up the first bite.What are the red warning flags of relapse? Here are ways to recognize relapse patterns and what to do about them.



Recovery-firstConversations with Kay # 3: Recovery First No Matter What

Recovery won’t take second place, that’s why it must come first.  In this conversation we talk about practical ways to make recovery a priority.



Overcoming-denialConversations with Kay # 4: Overcoming Denial

Recovery starts with the breakdown of the denial system. In this conversation, we take a look at how we ignore and justify the progressive rampaging disease of food addiction and how good information shows us the way out.



Kays-storyConversations with Kay # 5: Love & Service – Kay’s story

Kay tells her story of hope.  We find out what it was like, what happened and what it is like now.  Here is a story of how the Twelve Step way of life of love and service leads to freedom and peace.



Emotionally-stableConversations with Kay # 6: Becoming Emotionally Stable in Recovery

Here are some answers as to why we get overwhelmed with emotions in early recovery.  We take a look at what those emotions are and how to manage them.



Relationships-with-godConversations with Kay # 7: Deepening Your Relationships with God

When we put down addictive substances and do the spiritual work, recovery is possible!  God can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Here are some ways to practice the presence of God in our daily life.


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Get the MP3 Digital Files – $77Unlimited access to digital files

“I have found these conversations to be so valuable in reminding me of the key areas in addressing recovery from food addiction. We all know how bad our memories can be with regard to our disease so to be able to play these whenever we want can only strengthen our recovery.”

~Candace Beesley


“I wanted to share about Kay’s CD Collection, Conversations with Kay. I got the collection a few years ago and have been listening to them regularly since I returned, 50 days ago. They discuss very important topics and provide me with tools that make recovery enjoyable and strong.

My favorite topics have to be “Kay’s Story” and “Deepening your Relationship with God”. The first CD that I listened to when I came back was the one called “Five Things we do Every Single Morning to make our recovery stronger”. I took notes and have implemented all five of them into my morning routine every day.
They are very reasonably priced and an awesome investment to my recovery. Amazing tools!
~ Mary D.